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Using the most advanced controller adapter ever could be confusing, but we have gone to great lengths to ensure it is as user friendly and intuitive to use as possible. Getting familiar with some basics on the device and some general terms is very helpful, however. Below you will find a list of essential M.O.D. terminology to get the most out of your Strike Pack Mod Pack.

  • Anti-Recoil
    This MOD compensates for vertical recoil while firing a weapon by automatically moving the control stick in the opposite direction of the one your gun is moving in while firing.
  • Auto Hold Breath
    This MOD is specifically designed for sniper rifles in the COD and Battlefield series. It automatically holds the sniper’s breath when scoping in (usually activated by depressing the left thumb stick (L3). Upon activation the MOD will hold the sniper’s breath when scoping. The player no longer has to hold the left thumb stick (L3) to hold breath. Also, the MOD resets every time you fire so a sniper can effectively continue to take out enemies. Auto Hold Breath has been updated to work with most button layouts. In COD: WWII / Infinite Warfare when using the ADS Toggle based Nom4d layouts you must hold the ADS Scope button (default L2) in order to keep the Auto Hold Breath MOD active. As long as ADS is held the player breath will be held and this will be reset every time the player fires. Be careful not to wait too long before firing as the game will only let you hold your breath for so long.
  • Auto Sprint
    The perfect MOD if you are tired of constantly pressing the left thumb stick to make your character sprint. Auto Sprint is just what you have been looking for.
  • Auto Spot
    This is a Battlefield series specific MOD that automatically keeps targeting the enemy. This is activated by looking at the target with ADS enabled.
  • Burst Fire Adjustable
    Burst Fire Adjustable is designed to turn semi-automatic and automatic weapons into burst firing weapons.
  • Hair Triggers
    This is a very handy MOD for shooters. It automatically sets the triggers to their max value the moment they are registered by the controller as pressed. This allows the gamer to simply tap the trigger instead of pressing all the way down saving time and achieving the same in-game result.
  • Optimized Rapid Fire
    This Rapid Fire is optimized to be as fast as possible but at the same time ensure that every single shot will be correctly registered by the game.
  • Pulse Fire Adjustable
    Pulse Fire Adjustable can reach a faster rate of fire with burst type weapons. See the menu system instructions for more information on how to adjust your pulse fire speed in this mode.
  • Quick Scope
    Quick Scope is widely used in shooters. The idea behind quick scope is to use a sniper rifle, scope IN and fire the shot as the gun scopes in. Perfecting the aiming and timing will allow you to become a one-man commando with your sniper rifle maximizing damage in most shooters.
  • Rapid Fire
    A MOD that mimics a very high frequency of controller trigger presses, to enable the gamer to fire faster in the shooter than using the trigger naturally. It is designed for semi-automatic weapons and is NOT to be used with fully automatic weapons.
  • Turbo Melee
    This MOD allows the Melee attack in most shooters to be rapidly pressed automatically by simply holding the Melee button in the game.
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